37884 - The vessel Saipem 12000 in Morocco

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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At this point of time, the researches of the Saipem 12000 vessel at the Rabat Deep 1 block continue on for about a fifty day duration. This sixth generation vessel which specializes in hyper-deep drillings, continues its course in Morocco following the discovery of the Calypso reserve in block 6 of the Cypriot EEZ. This specific research is being carried out within the context of the Eni Maroc consortium, which is a subsidiary of the Italian Eni, which owns 40% of Onhym, ie, of a national Moroccan office for hydrocarbons and mines, which in turn owns also a 25% of the Chariot Oil & Gas Investment Limited, which is a Moroccan subsidiary of the British oil company Chariot Oil & Gas holding 10%. This latter mentioned one, obtains exploration permits to three Moroccan blocks. Consequently in Morocco we have the presence of Italy, the United Kingdom and Australia . This is indicative of the interest in regards to the drilling as well as the continuity towards to Morocco’s energean future. Because one way to be less vulnerable to neighbouring countries which have expansionistic tendencies, is to focus upon strategy and energy. Therefore, the exploration and the exploitation of the strategic reserves allow for the activation of these two sectors simultaneously. This represents a real prospect for Morocco, and thereon an enhancement of that prospects structure, so as to be durable across the entire country as a whole.