75281 - Beyond the fire

N. Lygeros

Don’t underestimate the things
that we are able to do in the future.
If you don’t have  a story to be told
it’s only because you never met history.
But each of us is a part of it.
If you are with us
you deserve to leave a trace.
Even the fire can’t stop us.
Our shadow has already been burned.
And the fire for us
is only a way to go further.
When others die
we start our mission.
We are a blend of Mankind and Time.
This means that our nature
is made of light.
The fire can’t burn the light.
With us, your vision will be the next reality.
We are like the phoenix.
We were made to surpass the fire.
It’s a part of our composition.
So we are unstoppable because of it.
Accept it and use it ultimately.
And the impossible will live.