75514 - The Arsenal of Democracy

N. Lygeros

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Sooner or later, it was impossible to resist the pressure of the future war. Of course, it was very difficult that this war would be World War II. For this reason, just after the beginning of the war at least in Europe, US decided to be the Arsenal of Democracy specially to help the United Kingdom to fight against Nazi Germany. But History showed that this decision was taken too late. Of course, it was before Pearl Harbor but the problem still remained. Europe was already wounded by the totalitarian systems. Red mentation and Black mentation were already in the center of the geopolitical chessboard. US had to be involved in the War to save Europe from the Nazis and also the Soviets. It was their duty. But at that time the impression was really negative. Too much things to do at the same time. They realized that their proposition wasn’t sufficient to win rapidly. They were surprised by the creation of national socialism which was presented as an alteration to Marxist international socialism and free market capitalism. The US had two fronts in Europe.