78896 - Transcription of Podcast With US #73: Tantrism as a code of the core

N. Lygeros

Imagine in this podcast that we want to talk about tantrism. But we want to study this in a deep manner to realize that it’s not just a religious system by itself, of course not. But it’s in fact a symbol, a tool, a system in the core of religious systems, like Buddhism and Hinduism and for that reason it’s more important than we think. The idea is that core which is in fact a combination of rituals, meditation, yoga, even monastic practices and of course technics, is a way of thinking not only our earth but of course our mentation about religion. In that way it’s a tool which permits our liberation. It’s not a challenge, it’s not a transgression. In fact it is code between the microcosm and the macrocosm. It is a relation or even a link and with this code we can study deep knowledge and we can use it, for example like mandala to focus our mind and to solve problems which are looking as unsolvable problems. The idea is, if you see only the core of the system and the way we are talking about this tradition, it’s maybe not so efficient because it’s like a manifold. We can find those technics in many situations and of course also we can see the same problems with the practices. The idea is to try to control, for example, a notion of centrality of the mantras of course and also the visualization and the identification with the deity. We want in this field something like a re-evaluation of the body and of course the status and the role of men and women in this analogical thinking. So we can use many rituals, we can use many technics, we can use even mandalas or yantras to get with those symbolic diagrams some code of the universe and we are trying always since the very practice to get harmony. In fact it’s a way of thinking the whole universe as one thing which is not separable. We are also talking about holism and we can see that the foundation of this idea can be of course the vacuity. We are not starting from nothing, we are starting from one, but we see that one is multiple. Imagine that you have in front of you the mental visualization of a mandala or even a yantra and you will see that it’s possible to you and to focus your attention in some details and for example the triangles which represent Shiva or Shakti,  but it’s not just that. It’s the way of thinking the core and how its extensions in many theories, many religions, can be an efficient tool to get an evolution and an evolution beyond the end to get in fact perfection. In this model we can use nirvana as a representation of perfection, a kind of ecstasy to the deep knowledge. And tantrism is an ideal tool to do it.