81271 - The Reconstruction of Faith

N. Lygeros

After the absolute interdiction of any religion
except the religion of barbarity
i.e. the communism,
comes the time of the reconstruction of faith.
At the beginning it’s obvious for you
that you are going to continue your tradition.
But after a while, you realize
that you don’t have anymore tradition
because everything was forbidden.
Even the sign of the cross is unknown to you.
And it looks artificial.
You’re still living in your death.
You belong to the oblivion and nothing more.
You need light but you don’t know it.
You still believe that you are strong
but you live in a world
where Jesus Christ was erased.
You remember something but not someone.
You are a survivor but no more believer.
You lost your religion, you lost your faith.
And to be a believer
you need to reconstruct it.
But you’re not alone.