81272 - Alone

N. Lygeros

For many years you were alone.
You thought that your family was sufficient.
And you discovered that it was the place of oppression.
You had to escape.
You went away.
But you were still alone.
Your idea was that you were free.
But you hadn’t been liberated.
At that time, religion was an escape.
But you lost your faith.
You had only a mixture of religion and truth
but no explanation.
You had your people, your church
but not the church
because Jesus Christ had been erased.
It was unknown to you.
And you thought that it was a detail.
But it wasn’t.
You were thinking that you have been saved.
It was impossible.
For you the Savior had disappeared.
It was only an icon and you were done.
You needed a reconstruction.
But to do that, light was necessary.