81280 - The sword of the soul

N. Lygeros

I’m living already one thousand years
and I saw many bodies
but only a few souls.
It’s always the same for me.
I belong to Time.
And I count only the souls up to the isomorphism.
I do the same thing
with the partial ordered sets.
I don’t take into account labels.
They are not relevant.
My mission is to save souls
that’s why I have to protect bodies.
If you see only the sword
this is because it’s the visible part of my soul.
I have a body without armor
and a sword.
The body is my human part.
The sword is the other.
But don’t care about that.
I know that you don’t give
any importance to the swords.
Your fist is too small for them.
But remember that I hold my sword
with my soul and not my body
or even my hand.
That’s why it’s sacred.