82366 - Against exclusions

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The ego was by nature pro deviation.
The family was pro exclusiveness.
And society was of exclusion.
These three stages caused
fear, phobia and envy.
And all these were presented as normal
as if it was expected
but also inevitable.
The only ones who avoided these problems
were the ones that were free
and it was them who had the love from the source
for those who were free.
All the rest, not only were condemned to bare them
but they were also proud to function
within this regulated context.
It caused a doctrinal certainty upon them
which allowed them to accuse
and condemn every exception.
Socrates was one of their fundamental victims.
He was not Buddha to be saved.
He was not Christ to resist.
He was merely humane but very humane
as Nietzsche would have said.
That is why he was against this barbarism
of exclusion.