3102 - Mankind and Time IV

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

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If geniuses are singularities in Mankind’s cognitive space, then universal geniuses are anomalies in the mathematical sense of the term. It is for this reason that even if societies, which pretend to admire them by a universal consensus, they prefer them dead. In other words, every society accepts a universal genius to exist only if one is of another society. Within itself, society considers a universal genius to be an element provoking such a grave cognitive perturbation that results in social instability. If societies are so much afraid of universal geniuses is because these are Mankind’s stylobates. Every one of them had had such an impact on Mankind, that one’s existence through one’s work has created an ante and a post in the temporal space. Yet, this rupture is very simply inadmissible for society. It creates a Heaviside function that renders time asymmetrical even at a local level. Thus, society no longer can it pretend that the present is unchangeable. It has to accept its failure. It is for this reason that it continuously tents to eliminate any possibility of a universal genius’s appearance in it. It is capable of handling elements that are simply gifted, because it can transform them into normal individuals. It cures them in its own way. It copes with geniuses’ presence less well. However, here as well it has a natural solution for the masses. It is enough for it to consider geniuses as talented people. What is significant for society is that they might be exceptional in a domain, but this one is so specialized that it does not incur any repercussions to its balance. Equally, it highlights that most of these people are normal in other domains. So, they are nothing but local perturbations, whereas universal geniuses are by definition global perturbations. Their talents are so multiple and so evident that they are intolerable for society. Society cannot restrict itself in putting them aside, because it is even their presence that influences Mankind, and consequently society’s elements of as a result. Thus, one of society’s characteristic attacks is minimizing the impact of a universal genius by making clear to the masses that one is nothing but a genius and also one very close to madness. So, universal geniuses are the madmen that should not be trusted. This type of attack had been very efficient against Leonardo Da Vinci who had to wait many years and in certain cases even centuries to fully and freely influence Mankind’s evolution. Whereas, with Archimedes the solution was more radical. Nevertheless, the impact caused by what constitutes their work has crossed the limits of their society. Because, one of universal genius’s characteristics is also to show the limits of society. It is in this way that one shows one’s own humanity.