39027 - The national leaks of a compromised political party

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the political party which obtained a national conscience, that with the compromise it made in order to remain in power has lost its values and its credibility not only towards its voters but also towards its parliamentary members. Slowly but surely, the members of the political party are liberated from the unacceptable directiveness adopted by its leadership and is freely saying that they don’t want to make any compromise for the sake of the Agreement and that they will now be on the side of the Greek nation who is giving fight for the name of Macedonia. Consequently the political cost began to become obvious even to the sightless analysts who didn’t pay any attention to Macedonia as a national issue. Additionally, those who were observing it exclusively in an ideological manner have now begun to worry, because there is also a danger that the coalition may be dissolved and that in turn may cause the government to collapse. Nobody can any longer say how long the government will remain in power, because the erroneous assessment of the indestructible has collapsed due to a lack of coherence. The national leaks suffered by the compromised political party are no longer merely indicative of the new situation, but also the preparation for a new change which will bring everything upside down toward the issue of the Pre-agreement.
Because there is no obligation, and there is no reason for the MPs who consider this agreement to be unacceptable in every aspect to be committed.