75722 - Hammer time

Ν. Lygeros

Communism used and uses a hammer and sickle as symbol.
It used the sickle to kill the interior resistance
and the hammer to destroy its enemies.
In this sense, the symbol is correct.
And even more when this symbol is associated to the notion of genocide like the swastika.
In the flag of China the
larger star symbolizes
the Chinese Communist Party
and the four smaller stars symbolize
Mao’s four social classe
on the People’s Democratic Dictatorship
the working class,
the peasantry,
the urban petite bourgeoisie
and the national bourgeoisie.
It looks incredible to someone
who has a democratic spirit
but this is only the poor reality
of a political misery.
In fact we see on the flag the spoliation of rights.
But now it’s hammer time.